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Abogados especialistas en Propiedad Intelectual,
Derecho de Empresa y Concursal.

Attorneys specializing in Intellectual Property,
Corporate and Bankruptcy Law.

Marcas y Patentes

Trademarks and Patents

Domestic and international legal protection for your trademarks, patents and designs
Asesoramiento y defensa legal continuado para la correcta gestión de su compañía.

Legal Services for Companies

Continued legal counsel for proper management of your company



FALCÓN ABOGADOS is a Corporate Law Firm founded in 1999. At the beginning of its practice it specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property law. It subsequently extended its practice to Bankruptcy Law, Claims for payment and Corporate Law. It is authorized to practice before Spanish and European Community Courts of Record as well as the Spanish Patents and Trade Marks Office (SPTO), European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

As regards Industrial Property, we have managed over 5000 cases of trademarks, patents and designs domestically and internationally. We are professionally responsible for defending our clients from trademark and patent infringement in court and demanding due compensation for each case.

Our firm has extensive experience in defaults, breach and termination of contracts, liquidation and other debt write off possibilities both with amicable means and with litigation.

We are licensed Attorneys, Economists and Insolvency Practitioners who represent and defend the interests both of creditors and insolvent debtors in Court within bankruptcy proceedings.

We work with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work to respond to our clients' needs.


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FALCON ABOGADOS guarantees the best defense of the interests of your company with its multi-disciplinary team. Our extensive, successful experience allows our clients to feel calm and trust that their assets will be duly defended and that we will offer safe and effective solutions to any potential issues.

In our offices in Madrid, Las Palmas and Berlin, we work with a team of many specialties, able to guide and advise you on a wide variety of topics related to our areas of specialty-- Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Law, Claims for Payment and Corporate Law.

  • Prior study of the company's legal situation.
  • Agreements with investors and non-corporate agreements.
  • Industrial and intellectual property asset audits.
  • Continued legal counsel.


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